What we do

We provide a specialised and highly experienced recruiting service on a contract or permanent placement basis at virtually every level and discipline within the healthcare, OTC and pharmaceutical sector. We also design and run assessment centres, offer profile testing and HR support and advice.

You might have heard similar things somewhere else, but we’re proud to be a bit different; we’re specialised so we’re focussed, we’re compact so we’re efficient and we’re brilliantly experienced so we’re good.

VMC are considered in our thinking and straight-forward in our talking so we never over promise but do absolutely everything we can to deliver. In a competitive and crowded recruitment industry we know that we have to give every single assignment, the same dedication you would yourself and we have the references to prove it.

Resourcing of Personnel

We provide excellent candidates for :

    • Sales Representatives
    • Secondary Care Sales Specialists
    • Account Managers
    • Market Access/Healthcare Development/Commissioning Specialists
    • Sales Management
    • Country Managers
    • Business Unit Directors
    • Marketing Personnel at all levels
    • Clinical Trainers

We recruit for permanent positions, short and long term contracts depending on what you need and whilst we take the same committed approach, whatever the requirement, we can either be totally hands on or off to suit you.

Successful recruitment starts with a complete understanding of your business, its culture and the specific job requirements, so we make sure that we totally understand all three before doing anything else. We can then plan your campaign strategy including advertising, interviews and assessments, write job descriptions, develop benefits packages and execute the whole campaign, if necessary, on your behalf. VMC are great ‘people’ people so we are excellent communicators and with great co-ordination and administrative backup are well equipped to get vacancies filled first time, on time and on budget.

Permanent Assignment

VMC recognise that each and every new member of staff employed is an investment which is critical to the future of your business. We have been recruiting at virtually every level and discipline within the healthcare sector for nearly 15 years and with over 60 years collective experience in the recruitment industry, bring sound knowledge and a proven track record to the table. A combination of our experience, our streamlined size and our ability to dedicate a highly experienced team member to search for people normally not in the market for a career move, means we work ‘smart’ finding excellent people, in good time and in a cost-effective way.

Short Term Contracts

Most companies at some point or another need short term support; maternity or sickness cover, a pilot project or additional regional support for example. Unfortunately, if you’re not on top of this even the shortest absence can have real knock on effects inside and outside your company, it can compromise the effectiveness of your business and ultimately your bottom line. We’re experienced and are brilliantly resourced with great candidates to handle this, so you can keep your business on track in a cost-effective and flexible way. And the good news is that lots of our employees are so successful in their short term roles, our clients transfer them over onto their own headcounts at the end of the project which is a great long term outcome for a short term contract.

Specialist Teams

We can provide as little or as much as help as you want when you are building a specialist team. We’ll happily be a sounding board for your initial thoughts or alternatively we can develop and deliver a complete strategic resource and service to achieve your business goals. We understand the marketplace and therefore offer flexible and cost-effective ways to meet your objectives. Because we’re specialist recruiters, we’ve also got great international credentials and have considerable experience with start up projects for companies entering into the UK market and who need to establish new services, launch a new team or product in an unfamiliar market.