What else is on offer?

Profile Testing

We offer a wide range of profiling programmes that provide useful and independent methods of assessing your employees. The diversity of the programmes allows you to either use them as a stand alone initiative to test for capability, or as an additional tool when trying to evaluate personal working styles, competencies and attributes. We can either help clients develop their own personal assessment program, or we lead the process ourselves, at recruitment, assessment and development centres depending on your requirement.

Assessment Centres

Choosing the right people for your organisation is crucial to the future success of your company. Whether you need to recruit effective sales representatives or talented individuals for future leadership roles within your organisation, we can provide you with assistance and support to do this cost effectively. We design assessment centres for all levels of personnel and can carry out all the organisational details and be present on the day to run, assess and deliver the assessment centre, ensuring you recruit and develop the right people for your organisation.

HR Support

External Support

Maybe your HR team is swamped? or perhaps you don’t have the internal resource or the need for a permanent HR team? Either way VMC can help. We make it our business to understand your individual needs and provide the most appropriate service, be it complete HR support for your permanent staff, supplying you with a HR service on an interim basis or simply offering some straightforward one-off advice. We don’t mind! We can also deliver a variety of seminars focusing on key HR issues like Grievance & Disciplinary or Performance Management to get the key employment legislation messages across and lighten your load.

Contract Projects

All aspects related to the employment of a contract employee are looked after by VMC, so you don’t have to invest HR time or internal resource whilst that person is working with you; in fact we take care of everything so that things stay simple and totally self-contained.

If you think we’ve got a resource that might be useful to you or just like the sound of our approach then try us with a tough assignment and watch us crack it!