How we do it

We know that you want to keep the recruitment process as short and focussed as possible so you need a dedicated and motivated team with comprehensive experience and a proven track record. Naturally, we’ve got all of that, but there’s some other important things that are also worth thinking about:

  • Because we are a specialised recruitment service, we already know your industry and the type of roles you are looking to fill, so you don’t have to invest time explaining that to us.
  • We make sure that we totally understand the dynamics of your specific business and its culture so we ensure a perfect fit between candidate and your company and you don’t waste your time.
  • We’re compact and efficient, so we have hands-on people who actually know who you are, who call regularly to keep you posted and know what you need. It sounds basic but it’s often missing elsewhere.
  • We only put forward people that would definitely, rather than possibly, fit into a specific role, so if we don’t find the right one, we won’t send anyone but we’ll keep on looking for you.
  • We are a flexible and dedicated team. Whether you are recruiting at director level, building a team or looking to recruit for one specific role we tackle each project with the same degree of enthusiasm, because we want to win your trust and your business.
  • Our own recruitment system, professional handling of candidates and our thorough interviewing skills ensure that you only interview applicants that deserve consideration. We invest the time, so you don’t have to.
  • We only take on board candidates that have great skill sets, are enthusiastic and that we are confident to put in front of you, after all, it’s our reputation as well as theirs at stake.
  • We’re a straightforward and personable team who care about what we do and how we do it. We respect our clients, our candidates and our employees equally so that everyone understands that they are involved and valued.